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Let me tell you what a photo enthusiast think is crucial. Sunlight. It had been weeks of cold weather partnered with rain and howling wind in Taipei until one day the weather set out to be a warmer and more sunny sky. Waving my hands saying goodbye to low light outdoor photo setting, increased exposure from VSCO (I am accustomed to using this lately) and welcome natural light!

Personally, I think nothing beats light so as to obtained a fine outdoor-shot photo. Of course the necessity to own a well built camera and equipments like lenses and tripod, for instance, is not inferior to such nature given device.
Speaking of photo gadgets, These days vast range of equipments for photography purposes are on a level with diverse array of food. The price starts from the most persuasive budget to the most costly one. For example, camera of the ubiquitous smartphone performs not worse than DSLR camera. Affordable selfie stick makes easy people to adjust the angle while snap a view.
However, I th…


A couple of weeks ago, my Friday night apparently was a typical example of dining out except for my date was none other than my Dad :D. No pre-booked seat in a fancy restaurant, but as we were driving around the jammed roads (an ordinary scene of Jakarta during weekend) an impetuous idea to stop by a Japanese polished house came up, and one and a half hour later both of us came out as bellies were filled with satisfaction. 
Complimentary starter
Try the juice. It tastes impressive as juice from mushroom and beancurd was strong and blended in. On the plate were also nokdumuk (korean) - jelly and carrots.

蒸篭五目鳥 seiro gomoku tori Steamed braised chicken combined with assorted vegetables over the rice, served in a unique bamboo basket. Salmon katsu, miso soup, pickles and dessert as side dishes.
To tell you the truth it was my first time trying salmon katsu, which I think tastes not as great as it does with other meats, or it is me who basically do not fancy fish that much.
Bottom right w…


Bandung is the second largest city of Indonesia that was found by the Dutch in 1810 and is located approximately 140 kilometres away from Jakarta, the capital city of the archipelago nation. I would recommend any of you who put interest in treasuring the urban lifestyle of Indonesian city at the same time exploring the beauty of nature to mark Bandung on your destination while travelling to this south east asian country. Be ready to spend your savings on manifold food, shopping and entry tickets for varied object tourism.
Speaking of the culinary, one could not miss the highlights such as Sundanese food, martabak, batagor, etc. Beside its popular foods, during the recent years many fancy modern restaurants have blossomed in town and offer vast range type of menus from Indonesian's specials to Western ones. All can be enjoyed with nice ambience coming from the decent music and unique interior. In addition, there are also several tourism sites established upon the idea of food bazaar…