Bandung is the second largest city of Indonesia that was found by the Dutch in 1810 and is located approximately 140 kilometres away from Jakarta, the capital city of the archipelago nation. I would recommend any of you who put interest in treasuring the urban lifestyle of Indonesian city at the same time exploring the beauty of nature to mark Bandung on your destination while travelling to this south east asian country. Be ready to spend your savings on manifold food, shopping and entry tickets for varied object tourism.

Speaking of the culinary, one could not miss the highlights such as Sundanese food, martabak, batagor, etc. Beside its popular foods, during the recent years many fancy modern restaurants have blossomed in town and offer vast range type of menus from Indonesian's specials to Western ones. All can be enjoyed with nice ambience coming from the decent music and unique interior. In addition, there are also several tourism sites established upon the idea of food bazaar or food court and sightseeing as the companion.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to have a technically three day culinary trip to Bandung together with my other fellows. We were lucky enough to have our native buddies chaperoned and accommodated us whilst touring the city, otherwise we might have missed a lot of delightful local cuisines and probably wouldn't get bloated (We ate almost three days in a row). Below is brief review of foods we had had a go at. Hope this may be helpful for those who are planning to visit Bandung in the near future. So, enjoy!

Kue Cubit Asiong

From left to right: Matcha, Red Velvet and Chocolate topping, Cheese flavoured

Kue Cubit (kue: cake, cubit: pinch) normally has yellow upper surface and brownish outer side with soft texture and sweet taste. As for the shape, it may vary depend on the mould the seller uses to make the cake. Although uncertain, I suppose it is given a name pinched-cake because people tend to pinch it before enjoy each little by little.

My friend said Kue Cubit Asiong started its business a long time ago and has gained popularity ever since. In the course of time, not only has the price gone up multiple times, but also the flavours have varied into a lot of choices. Among the three menus we opted for, I would say Green Tea and Red Velvet will be perfect for those who enjoy luscious snack. 

Address : Sultan Agung Rd. (In front of Aloysius School, across from Legoh restaurant)
Price      : IDR 6.000 to 17.000
Hours    : Weekdays (morning till noon, follows school time), Saturday

Tahu Tauhid

Addictive cues rather subjective exaggeration. In fact, I might have eaten a portion or two (20 pieces) by myself if it weren't for space I spare for another foods. Indulge in the crispy skin and soft curd from the freshly fried tofu ( english for tahu), and enjoy the extra delicacy after you drip a piece of tofu into the slightly hot soy sauce. 

Address : Seskoau No. 20 Lembang, Bandung 40391
Price      : IDR 1.200/ piece
Hours    : 7.30 am - 6.00 pm

Sate Kelinci

              Photo by Bob Justin Wangsajaya, edited by Jane Justine

Kelinci is the Indonesian for rabbit. To be honest I didn't have the gut to give a least try to swallow the grilled meat originated from what people have always known as pet-rabbit and admit it fits for human consumption. For this reason, this review on rabbit satay is solely based on my friends' reaction that followed their first try. There were no bad comments but delicious and response that allowed me to know how it tastes like chicken does. Rabbit, anyone?

**Sate Karmel also offers satay made of goat, chicken, and beef.

Address : Sate Karmel, next to Tahu Tauhid, Jl. Seskoau, Lembang, Bandung
Price      : IDR 25.000 (if I am not mistaken)
Hours    :-

Susu Murni Lembang

Chocolate Pasteurised Milk

People say it is a must try when you are in Lembang. Apart from its multiple choices of flavour, I didn't find it tastes differently from common fresh milk and has slightly more condensed than other milk. It will be nice to have one cup of refrigerated fresh milk under the hot and humid weather after all. In addition to its milk product, KPSBU also sells yogurt and its derived product that also come in various taste. The complete list of products and prices are as follows:
  • Pasteurised milk - IDR 3.000/ 150 mL cup
  • Yogurt - IDR 4.500/ 180 mL cup
  • Yogurt - IDR 8.000/ bottle
  • Yogurt - IDR 21.000/ Litre
  • Yogurt Ice Cream - IDR 7.000/ 13.000/ 24.000 per 10/25/50 pieces
  • Fresh Milk - IDR 6.000/ Litre
  • Milk Tofu - IDR 15.000/ 10 pieces

Address : KPSBU, Jl. Seskoau, Lembang, Bandung
Price      : Listed above
Hours    : Mon - Fri: 6.00 am to 6.00 pm / Sat - Sun or public holiday: 6.00 am - 7.00 pm

Floating Market

They are actually enlarged statued coins/coupons guests will have to purchased prior to buying food at stalls.

Lumpia Basah
Fillings of Lumpia Basah (bean sprout, eggs, and spices)
Soto Ayam
Kue Pukis
Bubur Ayam

Floating Market combines the idea of food market with nature sightseeing in a form of leisure park and brings forth a fresh concept in food culinary sites. Have yourself a cup of free drink (choices vary from tea to juice) upon the entrance by exchanging the entry ticket (IDR 20.000 per person includes parking fee). Eight points out of ten for the work to create a landscape view that incorporates ponds decorated by floating boats and huts at the brim so as to make the scene more lively. Also, enjoy your meals order from boat-shaped stalls under the roof that encircles a small pond where boat train goes back and forth carrying passengers around the pond. Foods taste good enough for the prices we have to spend. Despite the cuisines, I would say sightseeing per se is the main attraction in Floating Market. 

Address : Jl. Grand Hotel No. 33 E, Lembang,  Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Price      : Purchase coins either IDR 5.000 or 10.000 before you buy foods, whilst prices vary between 5.000 and its multiple. 
Hours    : 9:00 - 19:00  (Mon-Thurs) /  9:00 - 20:00 (Fri-Sat) / 8:00  - 20:00 (Sun)

Tahu Pletok

Another traditional snack of Bandung comprises crispy tofu underneath a thin layer of chewy mixed sago flour and spices, fried at maximum heat to give an excellent taste. Unless you dislike hot pepper taste, try chili soy sauce. It is the best companion for tahu pletok.  

Address : In front of Prima Rasa Jl. Kemuning no. 20
Price      : IDR 5.000/ portion
Hours    : -

RM. Legoh

Nasi Goreng Iga
Nasi Goreng Daging Asap
Nasi Goreng Rica
Challenge yourself with infamous Indonesian chilli paste
The signature dish - Babi Cuka (Pork in vinegar sauce)
Tempe Mendoan
*source: www.rmlegoh.com

Legoh is a vocabulary derived from Indonesian-Manado language, commonly adopted for naming person, brand or anything else in terms of a positive sense. Legoh restaurant indeed spoils their guests with palatable dishes of very friendly rate and portion. Bacuk (abbr. for Babi Cuka) is pork cooked (fried) and wrapped up with vinegar to yield sour taste on top of every crispy bite of meat. It is the signature food one could not miss when stopping by the restaurant. Level of spicy can be personalised to your preference, small, medium, super (if I am not mistaken) and various choices for Bacuk are made available for you to have a try on. 

Address :  Jl. Sultan Agung 09 Bandung
Price      : Listed on the above menu
Hours    : 11:00 - 21:00
Website : www.rmlegoh.com/


Do not look up Bensu in the dictionary because it is the abbreviation for Bengkel Susu. Bengkel literally means garage or workshop and Susu is the Indonesian for milk. The owner runs a garage during midday and as the day passes by the space will turn into a home-based restaurant usually filled with youngsters longing for post dinner snack. Hot or iced and flavoured fresh milk is the main menu of the restaurant, sold at average price IDR 8.000 per jar. Honey, ginger, green tea, strawberry are the variant up for sale. Equally famous menu, also a must-try is Indomie Susu. Claimed yourself a portion of Indonesian legendary instant noodle- Indomie beforehand and try this one at Bensu. I will be waiting for your craving for another bowl of the latter. The delicacy is unquestionably twofold. 

Address : Emong no.3, Bandung | Sawung Galing no2, Bandung

Price      : Various

Hours    : 19:00 - 00.00, closed every Tuesday

In fact my friends and I tried another restaurants and stopped by several other food vendors. Unfortunately, I was too busy with eating that taking photos of foods was abandoned lol. To give you references of places to have meals, here is a note I have prepared:
  • RM. Dago Panyawangan
    A Sundanese restaurant that provides guests with indoor or outdoor space to eat. The food was excellent and the price won't shock your budget.
    **Further information : Tripadvisor
  • Bakso Arief
    Meatball with variant flavour, and one has cheese as filling.
    **Further information: Foursquare
  • Cibadak Street
  • Sudirman Street