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How to : 1. Mix flour, egg yolk, salt, sugar, milk, baking powder evenly. 2. Add white part of egg ( I don't know what's the  white part called) 3. Lightly grease the pan with margarine, on a medium heat. 4. Spoon the mixture into the pan, wait until the some bubbles turns up (if not, just use your feeling), and flip carefully until both parts get browned. 5. Serve with any topping.
Happy Cooking!
Having myself a go at cooking during this long holiday, this is one of the accomplished recipes-Pancake. Although the recipe itself is easy, however, the cooking part was a lil' bit frustrating. I tend to make a perfect brown-surfaced pancake like I used to eat at the restaurant, but it turned out either too plain or overcooked. It's okay, holiday's still long way to go. I'm gonna make better pancake next time :):)
Anyway, I have recently browsing through Youtube on how to cook videos and I recommend Maangchi's cooking tutorial and Byron Talbott's  for all the begin…


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Hello! It's official, I've graduated high school! Wishing these 3 years of good memories last forever and let's get ready for college life which lies ahead. I simply hope myself and everyone who has enrolled in college can cope with our future school :) 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  - Confucius -


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I've been lately head over heels in love with anything simple. Less-patterned and classics have been my most wanted goods since early 2013, I guess. Photos speak. All the items I choose to buy above are basic, aren't they? Wishing to purchase them as soon as possible. Yes. Can't restrain myself from having these pieces, which to me are essential. 


God is good all the timeLong holiday has finally hit its gate. Welcome paradise! Let's make use of these 4 months!Song of the month : How deep is your loveSuccessful match comes from finding the perfect mixture of rationality and feeling -Sense and Sensibility, collins classic-