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Time ticks by and flies fast, another week to deal with, another things to be wrapped up. Let's make the most of every single thing we do, shall we? :)


Made of iron tree trunk

As promised! All the photos above were all taken during my visit to NU Art Gallery, Bandung, West Java. I had been surmising that paying a visit to such art gallery was rather dull. However, to my amazement all the things I saw there were all awesome, from the artworks themselves to the area surrounds. Not only I could enjoy the sightseeing I also got the chance to create my own sculpture. See the photo of me holding something, that was me and my friend 's work. It's not bad after all hehe

These are just a few photos from my short holiday. I guess I'll share more of it later on the upcoming post :) Hope you enjoy!
Hi! I miss blogging for sure yet I didn't have enough time to share with you guys neither photos nor words. Anyways, I'll be leaving for Bandung tomorrow with my schoolmates and I'll be staying for 2 nights. I promise to post some photos from my short holiday. I bet it's gonna be a sweet escape before any senior year stuffs begins-exams, etc. So, Ciao!


Favorite light meal

Friends are priceless. Friendship isn't a matter of distance. Friends are forever.