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Hullo! I'm back in my hometown, Jakarta to spend my winter break and Chinese New Year. Despite the rapid weather changes between rainy and sunny day since I arrived here two weeks ago, I pretty much love the warm temperature which means a break from thick outfits ^^
Couple days ago, I managed to taste the luscious desserts at Union, Plaza Senayan branch, one of popular restaurants in Jakarta. Not only does it serve a wide range of delicate cuisine vary from starting to closing menus with Western or Asian taste, but it also presents a fine ambiance to its dining site. Oh! the waiter and waitress were extremely friendly towards the guests too. Do not hesitate to ask about any suggested menus or ask them to help you taking photos.  It is no wonder that the place is crowded with groups of people holding either meeting or simply small gathering with friends almost its business hour. It was three in the afternoon ,which is outside lunch time, while the attendants write my name on the w…