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When dining out at an Italian restaurant and opting for pizza of preferred taste may be an ordinary experience for most of you, creating your own mixture of toppings and match it with various type of sauces is surely not a common way to enjoy Italy's renowned cuisine in PLUS (+) PIZZA.
Don't worry if you never been to this place because the waiter/waitress will kindly explain to you how to make an order. The restaurant offers you set menu(s), as you can see above, and à la carte menu, which is divided into that 240 NT (single choice for every type of ingredients) or 320 NT (various mixture for each type of ingredients). As for my friend and I, we went for both the 240 and 320 NT à la carte pizzas, and single cup of drink since it is a buffet. After you decide on what to order, you can start creating your masterpiece, and do not forget to pay at the end of the counter. Keep the bill for they will call the number written on it when your pizza is ready :D
Here is how our pizza(s)…