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Merry Christmas!  Wishing you all have a wonderful day filled with joy and warmth :) I do not have a picture of Christmas Tree of mine like people usually display in their house, so I have myself these random trees :)


This is my very first post on cooking recipe and my baking experience as well, so let's have go at making the easy one :)
Christmas Cookies  350 gr flour250 gr butter100 gr mashed sugar3 tablespoon milkcookie cutters

Directions : Mix flour, butter and sugar until they‘re well blendedAdd milk. Continue to mix to make a dough.Form the dough into a large ball, roll out the dough on a floured or plasticized surface to an  approximately 1/5 inch thick.Preheat the oven to 180 degreeCut the dough into any shape you would like to have and decorate it with toppings Bake 20 to 25 minutes and they will firm up after cooling.

My beloved ones who never fail to bring Live, Love and Lough out to me


Hello! I am so happy to finally posted something in this blog especially today because I'm celebrating my blog-Shoes or Jeans, second birthday!!! I hope I will continually be able to post anything ><

I'm done with all the final exams and here am I, on holiday paradise :) As promised, yesterday I managed to take photos of my outfit inside the house, (though I hope I did it outside), which was rather monotonous-black and white,

Ayway, the shoes I'm wearing are for sale. If you are interested in those pieces or just want to know the details, you can give comment below.

Dark grey shirt: Baleno : Attitude White Shirt : Xi Men Ding Jeans : Tory Burch Bag : Polo Shoes : TOMS Studded ring : Unbranded