05 August 2017


Antipodean /ˌantɪpəˈdiːən
(n) a person from Australia of New Zealand
(adj.) relating to Australia or New Zealand

What comes best after one and an half hour inclined trek under the sunny yet breezy morning? Food! The Australian-infused eatery happens to be notable among food enthusiasts in Taipei. My friend discovered The Antipodean online and suggested that we had it a go at trying its F&B after the hike. The food posted online looked healthy, so as we were thinking about restoring less amount of fat than that of what we had burned back to our tummies, off we go!

We reserved seats a day in advance by phone to avoid peak brunch period. There is only 10 minute spare time, so remember to come in time.

Avocado Baked Egg
NTD 280
avocado, pine nut, egg, mashed potato, Spanish sausage, tomato and sourdough bread

As far as I can recall,  my friend neither passed negative comment nor did she show bad expression. 

NT 280
beef, pork, tomato, onion, sour cucumber sauce, ham, cheese and salad with apple cider dressing

The size came as a surprise to me because I hadn't expected it would be this small :O, hence I would not recommend anyone with big appetite to order sliders. What I love about this menu is the greenish salad that was tastily paired with proper dressing and also the burger, which was not greasy to my liking. I completed the set with an additional plate of scrambled egg so as to load my appetite. 

Avocado Big Breakfast
NT 320
Californian avocado, baked tomato, scrambled egg, sourdough bread, sauté mushroom, hashed browns, and baked beans in tomato sauce

 Avocado tastes so good! If there should be a review about this menu, that would be "a dish of plentiful fillings". It will ensure you won't need to order another food :)
Flat White | Matcha latte
  平白咖啡 | 抹茶拿鐵
NT 120 | 160 

If you happened to get the seat next to the kitchen, you would likely to see the chef working on your order. The transparent glass allows you to sneak a peek at the kitchen while spending time waiting for your meals. Foods came after an approximately 30 minutes of waiting, if I am not mistaken. Besides talking with you friends about latest gossips, you can stroll around the place. At the left-hand corner near the entrance door was a display of products available for your purchase. Or, taking photos just like I did can also be another choice of yours. My favorite spot is the rack that holds diverse colors of cups. That was cool, I think. 

My friends and I went there around 11am on public holiday when dining out was supposed to be everyone's preference. Even so, I saw no queue nor a lot of diners indoor. However, as we finished our brunch, people were starting to fill in the places indoor and outdoor. Oh, there is a two-hour limitation on time.

Price: $$$
Taste: ****
Service: ***
Ambence **** 

Address: No. 4, Lane 26, Gangqian Road, Neihu District, Taipei City, 114
Telephone: (02) 8751-0027 (Reservation is made available)
Business hour: Mon- Fri 06:00-18:00 //  Sat-Sun 08:00-18:00
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheAntipodean/

05 September 2016


When dining out at an Italian restaurant and opting for pizza of preferred taste may be an ordinary experience for most of you, creating your own mixture of toppings and match it with various type of sauces is surely not a common way to enjoy Italy's renowned cuisine in PLUS (+) PIZZA.
Don't worry if you never been to this place because the waiter/waitress will kindly explain to you how to make an order. The restaurant offers you set menu(s), as you can see above, and à la carte menu, which is divided into that 240 NT (single choice for every type of ingredients) or 320 NT (various mixture for each type of ingredients). As for my friend and I, we went for both the 240 and 320 NT à la carte pizzas, and single cup of drink since it is a buffet. After you decide on what to order, you can start creating your masterpiece, and do not forget to pay at the end of the counter. Keep the bill for they will call the number written on it when your pizza is ready :D

Here is how our pizza(s) were made:
Bread --> Original / Wheat
Sauce --> Tomato / Pesto / Cream / Chili
Cheese --> Blend / Mozarella
Vegetable --> Pepper / Mushroom / Spinach / Onion, etc
Meat --> Fillet / Meatball / Sausage, etc

For the 320NT à la carte menu, we asked for two different sauce, cream and pesto, for a single pan and for the toppings, we enjoy putting together what we wanted to eat regardless of the outcome. The 240 (upper photo) was a tomato-sauce based pizza with blended cheese and black pepper beef as the topping. I personally like pesto sauce the best because the flavor is even and taste good with our ingredients; tomato sauce was rather too sour for me while the creamy sauce was just fine.
 I thought it looks almost like a real pizza
Price: $$$
Taste: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ****

Plus Pizza
Address: No. 5, Lane 24, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei or Lane 260 Guangfu South Rd, Da'an District, Taipei
Telephone: 02 2365 1929
Business hour: 11AM-10PM (Mon-Fri, Sun) 11AM-11PM (Sat)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pluspizzatw/

10 March 2016


Let me tell you what a photo enthusiast think is crucial. Sunlight. It had been weeks of cold weather partnered with rain and howling wind in Taipei until one day the weather set out to be a warmer and more sunny sky. Waving my hands saying goodbye to low light outdoor photo setting, increased exposure from VSCO (I am accustomed to using this lately) and welcome natural light!

Personally, I think nothing beats light so as to obtained a fine outdoor-shot photo. Of course the necessity to own a well built camera and equipments like lenses and tripod, for instance, is not inferior to such nature given device.

Speaking of photo gadgets, These days vast range of equipments for photography purposes are on a level with diverse array of food. The price starts from the most persuasive budget to the most costly one. For example, camera of the ubiquitous smartphone performs not worse than DSLR camera. Affordable selfie stick makes easy people to adjust the angle while snap a view.

However, I think it is wiser to have an outlined purpose of your photography and fix your choice on particular type of equipments rather than purchasing gears you won't use, but don't limit yourself to try new tools, which may boost your photo standard. 

in this photo Top and Jacket Rainbow Shop ;Skirt H&M; Shoes Nike; Watch Daniel Wellington

For me, I casually make use of Canon EOS 60 D paired with Canon lens 50mm f1.8 to shot culinary and outfits, and Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 in general. Nonetheless I cannot deny the fact that smartphone is an excellent alternatives for a rather heavy DSLR :D