22 July 2014


peplum, shorts: NET | shoes: Shida Road | bag: Sky blue

Hi! First of all I'd like to say happy summer holiday! The weather has been crazy as it reaches 38 Celsius degree in Taipei, Taiwan. Consequently, I couldn't resist buying and wearing shorts and you-can-see top lately. Besides, summer gears are just too lovely that I feel like purchasing all of them. Speaking of shopping, I've been doing a lot of online shopping since I lived in Taiwan. Many online stores, although their goods are available in store, for some reasons like my being indecisive after stopping by the outlets, free delivery cost or events Sale,  I'd love to buy it online. In addition, you could wait until the goods are delivered to the nearest convenient store to do the payment. No need to do payment via mobile banking or credit card, which I do not prefer to do for safety reason. 

Here are some of my favorite online stores :

Happy online shopping!
XO, Jane

19 May 2014


These absolutely not chemical product. It's ice cream! ><
Easter eggs!

I'm loving this wall art

Hello! I guess its been weeks since I last blogging. Above photos were taken during my short vacation to Taichung , Taiwan. I'm using my canon 50mm f/1.8 lens . The reason I bought this lens was because I like I like the photo which has large dof. But I suggest you buy f/1.4 for better. The f/1.8 lens possess slow focus so it disadvantages you when doing quick shot.
Anyway, life has been good these days. I finished my mid term although I didn't get excellent score for all my test. I'm now busy with school activities and tasks. I made my first landscape design and me and my friends are building the miniature of it. So excited to see the result! ><
I'll have least time to update my blog,I guess. But I'm using Instagram as my photo diary! Visit me for more photos >< Bye!

27 February 2014


I See Green
My Lady Grey
Call Me Panda
Green Apple Ginger

Introducing Colette & Lola to all dessert junkie! If you fancy cute and sweet cakes and you are in Jakarta (or are planning to), you should definitely have a go at this cake shop! However, despite the cute display, I'd rather say the cakes were too sweet. If you want to try more than one menu, I suggest that you go with your friends. Hope you enjoy! :)