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These absolutely not chemical product. It's ice cream! >< Easter eggs!

I'm loving this wall art

Hello! I guess its been weeks since I last blogging. Above photos were taken during my short vacation to Taichung , Taiwan. I'm using my canon 50mm f/1.8 lens . The reason I bought this lens was because I like I like the photo which has large dof. But I suggest you buy f/1.4 for better. The f/1.8 lens possess slow focus so it disadvantages you when doing quick shot.
Anyway, life has been good these days. I finished my mid term although I didn't get excellent score for all my test. I'm now busy with school activities and tasks. I made my first landscape design and me and my friends are building the miniature of it. So excited to see the result! ><
I'll have least time to update my blog,I guess. But I'm using Instagram as my photo diary! Visit me for more photos >< Bye!