Let me tell you what a photo enthusiast think is crucial. Sunlight. It had been weeks of cold weather partnered with rain and howling wind in Taipei until one day the weather set out to be a warmer and more sunny sky. Waving my hands saying goodbye to low light outdoor photo setting, increased exposure from VSCO (I am accustomed to using this lately) and welcome natural light!

Personally, I think nothing beats light so as to obtained a fine outdoor-shot photo. Of course the necessity to own a well built camera and equipments like lenses and tripod, for instance, is not inferior to such nature given device.

Speaking of photo gadgets, These days vast range of equipments for photography purposes are on a level with diverse array of food. The price starts from the most persuasive budget to the most costly one. For example, camera of the ubiquitous smartphone performs not worse than DSLR camera. Affordable selfie stick makes easy people to adjust the angle while snap a view.

However, I think it is wiser to have an outlined purpose of your photography and fix your choice on particular type of equipments rather than purchasing gears you won't use, but don't limit yourself to try new tools, which may boost your photo standard. 

in this photo Top and Jacket Rainbow Shop ;Skirt H&M; Shoes Nike; Watch Daniel Wellington

For me, I casually make use of Canon EOS 60 D paired with Canon lens 50mm f1.8 to shot culinary and outfits, and Canon 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 in general. Nonetheless I cannot deny the fact that smartphone is an excellent alternatives for a rather heavy DSLR :D



Wynne Prasetyo said…
natural lighting is essential! but most important than that is what is going on behind the shoot. whether the outfit is actually comfortable for the model is key.