A couple of weeks ago, my Friday night apparently was a typical example of dining out except for my date was none other than my Dad :D. No pre-booked seat in a fancy restaurant, but as we were driving around the jammed roads (an ordinary scene of Jakarta during weekend) an impetuous idea to stop by a Japanese polished house came up, and one and a half hour later both of us came out as bellies were filled with satisfaction. 

Complimentary starter
Try the juice. It tastes impressive as juice from mushroom and beancurd was strong and blended in. On the plate were also nokdumuk (korean) - jelly and carrots.

蒸篭五目鳥 seiro gomoku tori
Steamed braised chicken combined with assorted vegetables over the rice, served in a unique bamboo basket. Salmon katsu, miso soup, pickles and dessert as side dishes.
To tell you the truth it was my first time trying salmon katsu, which I think tastes not as great as it does with other meats, or it is me who basically do not fancy fish that much.

Bottom right was chuka kurage or Chinese jellyfish

豚汁 ton jiru 
Soya bean soup with pork, carrot, and nokdumuk- jelly made from mung bean starch.
This one is favourite, especially the jelly! The meat was cooked just fine and the soup, superior. I no doubt would like to have one the next time I pay a visit :D 

Salmon batta yaki
Broiled salmon in butter bulk, served with egg custard, steamed rice, miso soup, pickles, and dessert

えびすe bi su- God of fishing and commerce 
ya- shop, house or seller

Ebisuya is among the other nascent Japanese restaurants in town who has engaged in the field since the past year. A personal impression in the first place was that it looks so Japanese. What? Yes. I am not a frequent diner at a typical traditional Japanese restaurant, but I could see this place decorated with such Japanese classic-styled ornaments both outside and inside has delivered to a certain extent the ambience of the country of the rising sun. The head chef is Nippon native who have a hand in the kitchen displayed publicly at the centre of the main floor. 

"9 points out of 10 full mark points", my dad said when I questioned him about the meals. As for my feedback, the food overall was wonderful, both the taste as well as the serving. However, I think I should involve myself in experiencing more cuisines of such genre in order to give a better objective review.

Address: Jalan Bandengan Utara No.20, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11240, Indonesia
Phone   : 
+62 21 6915690

Hours   : 11:30AM–2:30PM5:30–10PM
Price     : approx IDR 400.000 for two diner