As a student of Department of Horticulture (the study or practice of garden cultivation and management), science is one of the main field of studies that is fundamental approach to the certain experiment, hence, four chemistry classes, includes the fundamental and branch chemistry, are some of the required subjects playing critical role towards our graduation credit.

Unfortunately, during first and second year in the university, I never had fair connection with chemistry. Despite the failed exams (yeah I rarely went through the exams), I miraculously passed the subject merely because it would be a too burdensome decision for the teacher to fail three quarter of the class.

The interior itself is build up of white walls, and the owner incorporating monochromatic equipments into the room creates a spacious room while in fact the place is not as extensive as it looks. Oh! Look at those tables, they are built with ceramics :D

Try this cake and I would say, enjoy the rich dark chocolate melted sauce!

Fungus! I love mushroom! 

A lot of handmade accessories to look into. You might want to purchase it though :)

It will come as a little surprise when the coffee you order is served inside a baker glass just like liquid found in scientific lab. Until then, I realised volumetric flask, erlenmeyer flask, pipette could be fun. Anyway, toothpick anyone?

My shopping buddy and photo partner! :D

Good Studio Café 好氏研究室
1F No. 22 Lane 48 Wenzhou St. (台北市大安區溫州街48巷22號1樓)
Hours: 1:30pm-9:30 (call for confirmation)Phone: (02) 2362-0723