As winter is around the corner, I would like to share one of my sweater weather looks I wore couple of weeks ago. Despite the cold, I'd feel rather relieved for winter '15 merely because summer this year was too long besides the intense heat I wish to stay under that 24-hour-a-day-air-conditioner weather. (And oh! Not to mention those fancy monochromatic gears I can put on during the season)

Speaking of weather, there has been confusion about when winter will happen in Taiwan during the past two years. One day you might have found out that the weather forecast told you 30 C, so you chose to grab shorts and sleeveless tops because it was damn hot outside, and the next day you went out of the house, the first thing you were looking into was, jacket.

Apparently that happens in Taiwan, which has led me to bring jacket everywhere I go around October and November.
P.S: Don't be fooled by the weather!

However, as foreseen by weather report, it says that winter is coming to town from this day on! (At least the temperature stayed between 19-20 C the day I posted this blog). So, this time it is appropriate to wish everyone a great fall, I guess :D