British double eggs ($250)

Bacon and cheese omelette ($250)

Cacao pancake with mixed fruit ($210)

Original Pancakes

Spending the previous Saturday with my buddy, Cindy strolling around Dunhua or Dong Qu, Taipei, where you can discover plenty of fancy clothing stores and fancy coffee shops, until the stomachs demanded food and we got tired of walking on heels (I actually). We decided to having a go at  Paddington Garden's dish. The indoor seats were all occupied, thus we had no other options but to choose the outdoor seat, whose lighting turned out advantageous for us to snap some photos while waiting for our meals. What I like about this restaurant is the fast service. I took us no more than 20 minutes to have the waiters served the meals to us.
Cindy and I opted for the all day breakfast menu , which includes beverages (tea/coffee) and pancakes that comes with original, vanilla and chocolate flavor. The dessert was luscious, it's too bad we couldn't finish it because we got no more space. 
For all the menus above, we spent almost $800 including tax and service charge. Not to forget, there is a minimum purchase of $120 per person. 

Paddington Garden 
No. 7, Alley 32, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd,
 Daan DistrictTaipei City, 106


Ice Pandora said…
What a cute name this cafe has c:
And the food looks YUM! Especially
the cacao pancake ones. I wanne
go back to Taipei!! Xx
Danny Suyandi said…
seems like the foods are great, but a lil bit overpriced, don't you think?
nice post anyway!

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