The A Top. It is located in the southern mountainside of Yang Ming Shan, Taipei  and a thousand meter above sea level, allowing us to indulge in the spectacular views of cityscape and if you were there during the perfect time, you'd be able to capture the beautiful sunset that lies above the metropolitan area and the adjacent mountain area.

The restaurant is reachable via MRT Jiantan station and then by taking a cab. I would suggest that book hours in advance, otherwise you might have to wait for another hours. You can either book table, sofa or private room for special occasion. If I am not mistaken, booking sofa/private room will charge you a minimum purchase of NT 3000. No matter which seat, you still can enjoy the good ambiance and capture the picturesque scene. Don't worry for the ones who are on waiting lists, refreshing and free refill beverages was served to us which I thought was so considerate of the customer service. 

The menu is divided into Western and Asian food. But you can also try the combo menu, which is a combination of both dishes. The price range from $$$ NT to $$$$ NT. Though it may cost you, but it is worth the experience of trying great food with good atmosphere. The service was satisfying for you don't have to wait for long to enjoy the food and the waiter/waitress there are quite friendly too. Do not hesitate to ask them for helping you snap the great moment there :) You can visit their website for further details.

The A Top - 屋頂上
Phone: 02-28622255


januar lestari said…
Hey Jane! So nice reading your blog.
Most of the pictures are really nice taken, any special editting?
The Atop place looks really cool by the way.
It would be nice to see some of your school work here too, since you are majoring in landscape :)
Ice Pandora said…
Wowie, what a fine dining at high peak! Love the lounge setting as well c:
The view is gorgeous and the food
looks great! Xx