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Hi! I can't believe I am now eighteen years old. I thank God for giving me such blessing and joy in my live, for the amazing family and friends who accept me the way I am, and for everything.
I celebrated my birthday yesterday and everything came to me as a surprise, from the lovely birthday card and key chain from my beloved sister, which I found next to my bed when I got up yesterday to my friends coming to my house. Each of them holding a piece of cupcake, and finally the cake-Red Velvet!
 photo courtesy of Gisella Angelia

謝謝你姐姐! You guys might not understand some weird words written on it, but we-my sisterand me, have our friendship language
I have passed FCE (First Certificate in English) . I was quite unsure about the result becoz I didn't feel like doing the test my best. However, I made it! And now I'm waiting for the HSK result to come out. So nervous.School tasks are getting insane! Everyday is about exams and homework. Should I change this blog's layout sometim…

You Name It

Hi! It's been emm like weeks or months perhaps? since my last outfit post. I'm basically not so fashionista who do gear shopping regularly and follow trend, but I fancy putting on pretty clothes and mix matching them. I'd usually prefer to wear casual outfits like jeans, blouse (not to forget the shoes! flat shoes/heels) for dinner than feminine ones. This time is a bit different. I wear dress to a casual dinner.


One of my friends is leaving to another continent to continue his study. I'm wishing you all the best. Hope you have a good life there. Don't give up, it's just one step closer to your dream! :)  Oceans separate us but the bond between us will stay strong. Good luck with your studies, Albert! We'll always miss you!


It's never been to late to say Happy New Year!! I would like to thank 2012 for the lesson in forgiving and letting go of things we love. Sad though it may, things that are meant for us surely will find their way back.  Thanks for teaching me to be myself and to be grateful for all have.  Thanks for new friends I've met during the summer trip. All in all, thanks for getting me prepared for facing 2013 :)
May this year brings prosperity and blessings to all of us.  New pages, new resolution, new mission.  Wishing you all the best throughout the year. God bless! :)