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Hi! I've missed blogging so much that the first thing came into my head when I got the birthday dinner invitation from one of my friends was "Bring your camera. Snap photos. Post it to blog". And yea, I did it. The dress code was "wearing any attire with a touch of red". I feel like a walking Christmas poster. In shocking colored green and red and those sparkling shoes. Anyway that is my newly purchased shoes. I love them sooo much!

Any way, I might not update my blog since next month's schedule is so packed! I'm not exaggerating, but exams and tasks are getting crazy! I wish I could skip May and jump to June which is Summer holiday! *dancingdancing

I've got another thing in this post. look at this photo below

The one on the left is my sister. It's really funny y know considering we're not even in the same country. She's thousand miles away, in Taiwan yet we're accidentally wearing the same colored cardigan, top and bottom at the sa…


Seeing photos of my friends who are laying themselves on a sandy beaches in Bali reminds me of my holiday in Bali few years ago. It's beauty made me fall in love for the first time I stepped my feet there. How I miss Bali :'(

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If you notice the last photo, I do not wear those pair of black heels anymore. The hitting-the-bathroom-door accident has reminded me to rest my feet from wearing heels to party or dinner.  How flat is the ground when you're not wearing those tiring shoes.

Fyi, I'm running my new online clothing store :) Not an easy job as I've thought before. Even so, I quite enjoy replying my customers to be 's questions regarding the clothes I'm selling. To access my online store, click the Facebook icon on the left and click photos. Unfortunately this shop is currently available for Indonesian citizen only. 

See ya! :*