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Taiwan 2011

hullo! I'm in Taiwan during this summer vacation. I'm enjoying summer school and of course, now I'm studying Mandarin. How I miss Jakarta now! June is summer and so I feel HOT. ya. as hot as jakarta. but the air here is much cleaner than my hometown. but just this afternoon my teacher told me that she watched the news which told us that tomorrow, there will be taifun here. TT

I've got some photos but I don't bring my cable data. so, just wait for july! first I felt quite excited but as I started to join the class, I feel a 'lil bit boring. humf. miss my home!

oops! i gotta go now! see ya soon universe! :*

From May to June

Hello! finally post something. been in a busy month and now I'm free! The final exams are all done and in two more days, I'll receive my report card. whoah! I'm feeling 'lil bit nervous becoz I didn't do my exams best. T.T hope there will be no red marks in the report card.

So, it's SUMMER now! how's your holiday?! how do you prepare for the holy-days?! I am very very very excited. I'm going abroad this Sunday and y knw, I'll spend my holyholydays (nearly a month) abroad. gonna miss my home much! and of course my family here :( 

I haven't got any photos for this post but the next post, you'll find out a lot of photos! I gotta prepare my stuffs for this trip. see ya next month universe!