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Girl with the books

holla! sejujurnya karna lagi ga ada kerjaan makannya begini. jadi yasudah lah. enjoy! ;)


hello! it's been a while since my last posting. by the way, happy Chinese new year for those who celebrate.

I didn't have any idea on what I would wear for the CNY. so, I opened my closet and found, the floral *summer tank top I bought for about one an half years ago when I was having a trip to HK. and still stayed in my closet till yesterday I decided to wearing it. paired with the yellow cardigan, jeggins (jeans which is a legging look a like and make your thigh looks slimmer!) and my favorite shoes and the new bag.

sorry for the quality of picts actually I'm using my canon digital cam. but there's a problem :(

ciao! 温惠敏 <-- my Chinese name