Hi! I need you guys to help me vote my photo. All you need to do is :

1. click https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arch-Goes-To-School-HUT-24-Sketsa/408493519227317?ref=stream
2. Photos
3. Like photo number 4-Reflection , as you see above.

I shall be glad to be voted by you all. THANK YOU!!! :):):):):)


Ice Pandora said…
I voted! Good luck c:
sepatuholic said…
great photo! good luck!
Anonymous said…
hey! :D thanks for the lovely comment on my post <3 i appreciate it a lot and i love it :) thanks for taking your time to stop by my blog, it boosts my mood, honestly :) you got a really really nice blog and posts! please write another post cause i cant wait to read it :D have we followed eachother? if we havent, follow me! and i'll follow you back for sure! :) thanks
xoxo, deyn
Ruby and Rosa said…
is it Untar's Architcture competition ? :D
hope you win!