Hi! I can't believe I am now eighteen years old. I thank God for giving me such blessing and joy in my live, for the amazing family and friends who accept me the way I am, and for everything.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday and everything came to me as a surprise, from the lovely birthday card and key chain from my beloved sister, which I found next to my bed when I got up yesterday to my friends coming to my house. Each of them holding a piece of cupcake, and finally the cake-Red Velvet!

 photo courtesy of Gisella Angelia

You guys might not understand some weird words written on it, but we-my sister and me, have our friendship language

  • I have passed FCE (First Certificate in English) . I was quite unsure about the result becoz I didn't feel like doing the test my best. However, I made it! And now I'm waiting for the HSK result to come out. So nervous.
  • School tasks are getting insane! Everyday is about exams and homework. 
  • Should I change this blog's layout sometime later? becos I'm a 'lil bit bored.
  • Tomorrow is school, so I gotta go. 


Ruby and Rosa said…
i heard HSK really hard, isn't it?
good luck and happy birthday! :D
b e a t r i c e said…
Great blog and nice post, dear! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower! Don't forget to visit my blog too !
fhenny said…
happy belated birthday!
those are really lovely
happy weekend
style frontier
qsha9 said…
happy belated birthday~ :)
glad you to see you have great friends celebrating with you ^^