First thing first, I've got an award! Yes. This is the first time I've got such a thing during my 2 year blogging :) Thank you Austin from Bonjour Tout Le Monde !

I am to state 11 things about myself and answer Austin's questions. So here they are.

11 things about me :
1. I love taking photos
2. My sister is my best friend
3. I don't like eating fish (since I was a kid)
4. Novel collector
5. Korean drama's huge fan
6. I always bring a bottle of water to wherever I go
7. I sometimes draw during class instead of listening to what the teacher says
8. Sanguine
9. Hard-to-express-her-feeling kind of girl
10. I prefer flat shoes to heels
11. RnB and K-pop are good

The answer to Austin's questions are :
1. why are you blogging?
# Other bloggers have inspired me to start blogging.
2. describe yourself in three words?
# Shy.Imaginative.Quiet
3. do you prefer lots of friends or a few bestfriends?
# a few best friends
4. your favorite blog?
5. blackberry/ iphone?
# iphone. I own blackberry though
6. shoes, clothes / accesories?
# clothes
7. your favorite song?
# Korean song!
8. your favorite place so far?
# my study room
9. when did you start blogging?
# December, 2010
10. your motto of your life?
# Life is never easy
11. tell us a super random fact about your self!
# Toilet


Mitha Komala said…
congrats for the award, your sweet blog deserves it! <3

Letters To Juliet
Michelle said…
Congratulation! ;)