Europe has been on top of my most-wanted-to-travel country. In this book-Life traveler, the author tells us about her traveling in some European countries, like Paris and Amsterdam. Her way of describing every country and object tourism she has visited increases my desire to go to those countries. And oh! Some lovely illustrations and photos surely will entertain you while reading it.

Nora Robert's a series of novels on the Bride Quartet. Still looking for the two others.

My Father has always loved buying books as well as reading. Most of the books kept in my house were his purchase. Those books in the photo are only the two of them. My sister, she's looking into food technology at University. Why not giving her some materials?

My drawings. Drawing is never easy :(:(

Just a few of photos from my last holiday :) You can visit my tumblr for more photos. Enjoy!


eudoraa said…
great photos! :)
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Stella Lunardy said…
jaaaneee go to fashion design uni with me:""")
juventine wu said…
lovely photos! xx
Ruby and Rosa said…
AGREE! Drawing is never easy :(
get stuck in that drawing assignments are totally "something" hahaha
anyway those are lovely photos ♥
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