I've been into adobe photoshop photo editor recently. Fortunately I have pretty much photos for the next couple of months (I think) to edit. You knw, I rarely go out either on weekends or weekdays. So once I have the chance to go out, I'll take lots of photo and store them all in my iPhoto.

Speaking of adobe photoshop, those photos above are some of my edited photos. The lipstick was a result of brush tool actually. As you read the title of this post-Paleface, I've always thought that my face is kinda pale and I am too lazy to put some make up on. However, we have adobe now. Why not try new lipstick version? *JK.

Anyway, one of Indonesian bloggers - RUBY and ROSA is now having their first giveaway. To enter, just CLICK HERE . They will be giving away these cute ribbon belt! Come and Joing guys! You still have 2 days left!


stin said…
hihi cakep jane :3
cathy said…
you look so pretty dear :)
love the camera effect! what camera did you use? :D

anyway, want to follow each other?
adorable pictures :)) i have pale face too, actually :))
thx for the comment dear :)
nice outfit <3
Jaztien said…
cool!!! you look great.. you have good photoshop skills.. I actually thought that you are wearing make-up! haha.. :D


- Justin -
The World According To Me