Hi! I've missed blogging so much that the first thing came into my head when I got the birthday dinner invitation from one of my friends was "Bring your camera. Snap photos. Post it to blog". And yea, I did it. The dress code was "wearing any attire with a touch of red". I feel like a walking Christmas poster. In shocking colored green and red and those sparkling shoes. Anyway that is my newly purchased shoes. I love them sooo much!

Any way, I might not update my blog since next month's schedule is so packed! I'm not exaggerating, but exams and tasks are getting crazy! I wish I could skip May and jump to June which is Summer holiday! *dancingdancing

I've got another thing in this post. look at this photo below

The one on the left is my sister. It's really funny y know considering we're not even in the same country. She's thousand miles away, in Taiwan yet we're accidentally wearing the same colored cardigan, top and bottom at the same time.
Lots of people mistaken me for her. Not only once did people who came across us say "are you two twins?". Okay. We're sisters and she's 13 months older than me. Is it clear everyone? However we quite enjoy being failed twins :)

oh no! I gotta go! See you! Toddle!!!! XOXO

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Ice Pandora said…
Happy birthday to your
friend c: the dress
code is fun! Red looks
pretty on everyone I
think c:

Karina Dinda R. said…
Seems fun there! You have a great blog :)

Karina Dinda R. ♥
wow. i thought she's you.
you look great tho <3
Fydez said…
Wow, such lovely and adorable outfits! X
love your blog.
following you now dear.
mind to follow back mine? thanks ♥
Alina Anghel said…
lovely photos and super cute blog! xx