If you notice the last photo, I do not wear those pair of black heels anymore. The hitting-the-bathroom-door accident has reminded me to rest my feet from wearing heels to party or dinner.  How flat is the ground when you're not wearing those tiring shoes.

Fyi, I'm running my new online clothing store :) Not an easy job as I've thought before. Even so, I quite enjoy replying my customers to be 's questions regarding the clothes I'm selling. To access my online store, click the Facebook icon on the left and click photos. Unfortunately this shop is currently available for Indonesian citizen only. 

See ya! :*


Pop Champagne said…
ohhh the peter pan collar looks great!!
Damycool said…
Love your outfit!
you look sooooo pretty!
i love your skirt and laces outer!
Anita said…
Lovely blog!