January, month of birthday(s). I said so because I find a lot of my friends' birthday are in January. In this 2012's January, some of them will be celebrating their sweet 17th birthday. First thing I notice no, I look up in an invitation is DRESS CODE. Of course to see what I've got in my closet perhaps what to purchase so that the 'dress code term' is accomplished. 
Speaking of dress code, one of these early invitations' dress code, to my surprise because it is a BEACH PARTY, is BLUE or WHITE JEANS-NO DRESS. What I imagined of beach party before was floral dress or tops or pants.

And finally, my dress code turned like this :

That place reminds me of something. The other day (fortunately both party took the same place) I was wearing heels and made a lot of holes footsteps behind. SO embarrasing.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and good night *smoochsmooch XOXO