The third week of my holidays. I really love holiday. Anyway, what do you guys plan for this new year's eve? :)


mutianugrabita said…
I always love pictures taken at stairs! :D
I haven't plan my new year eve hihi :)
Kim said…
cute outfit!! I plan on eating and watching tv on New years. Not very exciting, but I make do.

found the route
your shirt is very lovely!

xx, Sabinna and David
Annie said…
Love your look so pretty!

The Other Side of Gray
i love the first photo! pretty!
you look cute btw <3
Wynne Prasetyo said…
those are cute floral sandals! happy belated birthday to your sister! haha why do you call her si busuk though


little. said…
nice blouse
vintage process said…
Great pictures!! I love it!!
Vania Clarissa said…
hey dear , hope we can follow each others!
i'm following you now . my pleasure if u want to follow me back .
thanks for visiting me :) visit you back.
you are so beautiful :D
I have already followed you, hope you don't mind to follow me back ;D thanks
Cathy said…
Very cute shirt!

Mind checking out my blog? (:
Ceciliaefendy said…
The first photo was so gorgeous! :)
Hope u enjoy ur new year's eve with the beloved one xx
Bárbara ^^, said…
Great look! Loved the blog!
Following!! Kiss