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Arty oval ring

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Ninety Nine

My best friend, Albert, was celebrating his 17th birthday last Friday and congratulations on finally having your own ID card and driving license! I managed to come to my friends birthday dinner last week, Friday and Saturday. But it turned out I didn't have much time to attend the Saturday night dinner. The main reason is, I joined a chem course on that day (it was the first time having a course on Saturday) and the other is, I was exhausted. I.. A little bit regret becoz some of my Taiwan tour's friends were there!
So, I'll be having my final exam in less than a week. I really wish myself a bunch of luck(s).

Happily ever After

Last night was another wedding day. It was just a little bit different because it's my cousin's day. Everyone was busy with their businesses and jobs. I got mine. I was to capture the moments, from am to pm but the camera turned out taken over by my another cousin haha. Not a problem because I didn't have to be responsible for any duties. I had a great night filled with taking photos (girls' "must"), laughing and gossiping with my sister(s). We're talking about 2PM concert which took place on last Friday. One of my cousins who watched the concert said, wooyoung, my favorite boy among all the group member is totally more handsome compared to his photos. I wish I could get a chance to see his performing on stage as well as taking photos with him. I WISH.

About the look, the make up first, I didn't put much make up on my face due to limited time after saloon-ing time. Compact powder, Eyeliner, lip gloss were enough. The dress, anyway, I didn't have …


I had my hair cut yesterday. still got the same style but a lil bit shorter hair. and the band. it looks a lil bit weird.

Thank you KEVIN for had accompanying me today :) :*

Wish List I

Think, it's been 3 months since I do my last shopping? I'm starting to get bored with wearing my closet's properties. Though there are still some pieces of cloth I never worn. oh no! But, I am really really falling in love with these bright, shocking colors and can't wait for them to be mine as soon as possible! below are some of my favorites. which are yours fuchsia ? :):)

Midi SkirtBright colored tops and bottoms *especially shorts as I haven't found any shorts that fit me*Canon *still:(:(*anything fuchsia