Here I am sitting next to my enchanting bed, blogging and exploring my tumblr as I had been off for three days and I really missed my Mac. I meant to post this post yesterday but it was postponed due to the suck-internet (it is getting worse ergh!) and thanks God it is now back to normal. 
So,It was the funnest camp I have ever experienced. 3 days spent with breathing fresh air (you don't do this if you live in Jakarta), feeling the breeze, enjoying leisure time with beloved friends, gossiping all night long and learned how to play billiard (ha! my friend taught me. so excited though I played badly). Those are the good point of yesterday camp. The bad point is, my skin was burnt (tanned). But never mind :) what will never be forgotten is,

The scarf suits the weather

a 'lil bit regret not to bring my camera along but it's okay the photos above aren't too bad, are they? gotta go, still have two tasks waiting to be done. tada!