Hello! So, I'm currently considering about my future education. I mean what University or Major I'm going into. This ain't too early, is it? In the next two years I have to be-must be in a university. rarrrr. I'm not ready lohh. My parents suggest me to continue my studies in Taiwan (applying for scholarship if possible) as my brother and sister are there. The thing is I haven't had any interest in Taiwan. Just now I received an email from my brother about a coming up event hold by NTU (Nanyang Technology University if I'm not mistaken) in Jakarta. I was finally visited NTU's website instead of reading the whole email in hopes that I'd find any Major(s) information. Got it. Seems like Maritime Studies is not bad haha. I actually ever considered about emm food technology, business, design, and today I found maritime studies. So frustrating. Yaw, May be I should talk about this later. Bye Bye then! still have tons of homework waiting :')