Make Up

Yesterday was my brother and sister's flight to Taiwan. Such a misery because I have to stay in here and worse, next Thursday my holiday ends. I'm gonna miss my sister and brother much (I do now). Fortunately, yesterday I stayed in my cousin's house to prevent my self from being lonely. and as I's expected it was quite fun. watched the make up tutorial from you tube and directly make it real (we make our faces up) yak! we tried the smokey eyes effect and tada. my eyes look bigger. Do you see the difference? Em, still don't think the smokey is on my eyes though. Next time should be better!

If your eyes has no lids, how to make them look bigger is to use :
  • Scott (I don't know exactly how to spell it)
  • Eyeliner (This really works!)
  • Dark colored eyeshadow before adding eyeliner
  • Fake eyelash