Hello Universe! I'm currently in love with Shocking Colors. It doesn't matter that I haven't got the chance wearing those awesome colors since polyvore helps me in mix and matching the outfits. May be I could do the photoshoot later on. after my camera is back of course.

So, I'm almost free this week if the physics test weren't placed on Wednesday. have to, must, study hard since I've got 3 red mark. But still, my study plan always ends up with turning on my mac, and start browsing the internet. blogging. and! Tumblr-ing. visit my tumblr! I will soon set it up on my homepage.

So, that's all about my today's blahblah. Still sorry for my wrong English (If there's found). I'm not an American or English so, ya, I'm still learning.

Good Bye, Universe *smooch

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