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So this is my final score of last summer school in Taiwan. Not bad. :)


Hello! So, I'm currently considering about my future education. I mean what University or Major I'm going into. This ain't too early, is it? In the next two years I have to be-must be in a university. rarrrr. I'm not ready lohh. My parents suggest me to continue my studies in Taiwan (applying for scholarship if possible) as my brother and sister are there. The thing is I haven't had any interest in Taiwan. Just now I received an email from my brother about a coming up event hold by NTU (Nanyang Technology University if I'm not mistaken) in Jakarta. I was finally visited NTU's website instead of reading the whole email in hopes that I'd find any Major(s) information. Got it. Seems like Maritime Studies is not bad haha. I actually ever considered about emm food technology, business, design, and today I found maritime studies. So frustrating. Yaw, May be I should talk about this later. Bye Bye then! still have tons of homework waiting :')

Chinese Bear

The black and white bear-Panda. never saw kind of bear like that but I got the replica. I mean the doll. or whatever. The medium one as well as the small one which is a gift from "him". ya. HIM. HIM. :')

So, today is one of my school biggest event opening. We danced welcoming all the participants involved in this event. I 90% did my make up myself and the 10% was done by my friend (putting eyeliner and fake eyelashes over my eyes. My eyes turned out bigger! love it


Hello Universe! I'm currently in love with Shocking Colors. It doesn't matter that I haven't got the chance wearing those awesome colors since polyvore helps me in mix and matching the outfits. May be I could do the photoshoot later on. after my camera is back of course.

So, I'm almost free this week if the physics test weren't placed on Wednesday. have to, must, study hard since I've got 3 red mark. But still, my study plan always ends up with turning on my mac, and start browsing the internet. blogging. and! Tumblr-ing. visit my tumblr! I will soon set it up on my homepage.

So, that's all about my today's blahblah. Still sorry for my wrong English (If there's found). I'm not an American or English so, ya, I'm still learning.

Good Bye, Universe *smooch

Check this out!

I Think

I think most of students in this world hate homework
I think my mom will never stops shouting my name before I appear
I think I could spent more than thousand dollars buying things I want if I were rich (sort of shopaholic)
I think he doesn’t care about me anymre
I think life isn’t fun without haters
I think too flat life is dangerous
I think I forgot something right now
I think my pet sometimes get mad at me
I think my someone out there is doing exactly the same thing as I do now
I think all clothes I got aren't enough.
I think I should stop writing I think blablabla now

Random Pick


Lets Play With Colors