Hellou! Glad to know when I woke up this morning that today is holiday! Here in Indonesia for those who are muslim are soon celebrating Lebaran's Day. So, here comes the holy-days. Happy Lebaran Days for those who celebrate.

So, why I titled this post 'Writing' is because, I am really bad at writing. In learning English, when it comes to writing my brain suddenly stops working. The ideas were gone. For example, today I had a task to write, something has to do with 'Ethics' approximately 180 words. I was couldn't write anything until most of my classmates were about to finish. How bad :( However, I won't stop trying. Maybe I should write more (ya like I'm blogging?) so my ability in writing will increasing soon :) I know sometimes I write broken English as well as speakingbut, no one has ever succeeded without failed, has it?

Talking bout 'Ethics', I have something to share. It is always like this. The idea comes up right after the task were submitted. damn! Okay. There's a case recently about "raping". A (about 20ies) girl is dead caused by rape done by 4 men. This.is.Crazy. When I heard this news, my head, my mind suddenly filled with anger. Why on earth there are kind of people like them? People with no MORAL, ETHICS, and act such b***h! I do really hope those kind of men are shoot to dead. They don't deserve life. Man must.have to respect woman! and woman must.have to be aware of her surroundings. Remember that. sorry If I write wrong English.